Imaging Solutions

Imaging Solutions Meditech_2 August 1, 2022

Imaging Solutions

3D Units


The versatile 2D/3D hybrid unit with a big FOV and high image quality for practices with a wide treatment spectrum. Axeos convinces not only with its high-caliber performance, but also with its focus on comfort and design as well.

Orthophos SL 3D

The high-end 2D/3D hybrid unit features revolutionary technology and patented positioning solutions. An optional ceph arm provides additional benefits, adding to the already broad range of offerings.

Orthophos S 3D

This All-round 2D/3D hybrid unit offers a full range of capabilities to support all of the 2D and 3D tasks in your practice. Thanks to its flexible volume sizes and adjustable dose options, you have a great partner to support your workflows.

2D Units

Orthophos SL 2D

A member of the successful Orthophos family, with revolutionary DCS image quality for next level diagnostics. Future proof due to ceph and 3D upgrade options.

Orthophos S 2D

The All-round X-ray unit with a comprehensive range of capabilities for all daily tasks in the practice. It ensures sharp images thanks to the CsI Plus sensor with autofocus function, even in anatomically difficult cases.

Orthophos E

This solid 2D X-ray unit provides a smooth entrance into the world of digital imaging and with its optional left ceph arm, it also makes for a reliable partner in orthodontics.