CEREC Meditech_2 August 1, 2022


CEREC Primescan

Take highly accurate scans within seconds. Easy, comfortable, and hygienic. Primescan allows for crowns, bridges, prosthetics, splints, implant preparation and surgical guides.

CEREC Primemill

Mill and grind your restorations in as little as 5 to 15 minutes. CEREC Primemill utilizes state-of-the-art technology and CAM strategies to produce premium chairside restorations easier, faster, and more precisely.

CEREC Omnicam

The proven intraoral scanner is a viable alternative to the Primescan high-performance scanner. Omnicam is among the smallest available scanners on the market which makes it particularly comfortable to handle.

CEREC SpeedFire

Finish your freshly milled zirconia crowns off by sintering, making them ready to be processed immediately and allowing you to complete the patient treatment in just one session


The established milling and grinding machine and the CEREC Software are exactly synchronized to generate excellent, long-lasting restorations with smooth surfaces and edges and very fine fissures.

CEREC Software

Thanks to its clear and visually appealing operation, the CEREC Software guarantees intuitive use from the very beginning.