full solutions
Posted By : Date : meditech | 11-17-2018
You can get your whole clinic equipped by Medi-Tech. It is the perfect solution. As your project partner, we deliver a comprehensive product portfolio, expert consultation and planning, training and fully responsive aftercare. Medi-Tech provides Turnkey solutions service, we can even assist to setting up your clinic from A-Z: 1- 2D & 3D Designs. 2- Pre-installation requirements. 3- Furniture & Equipment. 4- Needed Consumables. 5- Financing Solutions. You can count on us getting you up and running with the best technology, highest quality and the optimum setup for the smoothest…
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skilled & well trained staff
Posted By : Date : meditech | 10-17-2018
Our team is one of the best in the market. - High Management : Medi-Tech is known for the friendly and cooperative management team, they tend to find solutions to any obstacle that faces either the employees or the clients. Their passion and love for what they do have made Medi-Tech one of the leading companies in their field. Firm, friendly and passionate management team, are the keys for any successful company. - Administration Team : Highly qualified team and updated database. Rapid response to all the clients' needs willing…
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after sales
Posted By : Date : meditech | 08-17-2018
We remain your partner for all after sale services. We stock parts and supplies. We are also available for any troubleshooting and cater to the maintenance needs of your equipment. At Medi-Tech we pride ourselves in retaining the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients over the years. Prev Next
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financing  & consultancy
Posted By : Date : meditech | 06-17-2018
Medi-Tech is the strongest in the market for its financing solutions and assistance in attaining financing for our clients’ new clinics. Our network includes banks, other financing and funding programs and institutions. We know their requirements and procedures and will gladly lend our support and experience. We are also able to refer you to third party-accountants to confidentially handle your finances. Prev Next
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