skilled & well trained staff
Posted By : Date : meditech | 10-17-2018
Our team is one of the best in the market. - High Management : Medi-Tech is known for the friendly and cooperative management team, they tend to find solutions to any obstacle that faces either the employees or the clients. Their passion and love for what they do have made Medi-Tech one of the leading companies in their field. Firm, friendly and passionate management team, are the keys for any successful company. - Administration Team : Highly qualified team and updated database. Rapid response to all the clients' needs willing…
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Posted By : Date : meditech | 10-16-2018
CEREC AC Omnicam Powder-free scanning with unrivalled handling and precise 3D continuous imaging in natural color! CEREC Omnicam scanning is intuitive, ergonomic and simplicity itself. The natural color appearance will not only impress patients. CEREC milling units Sirona offers dentists an extended portfolio of three milling units tailored closely to the needs of individual customers. From entry level to high end - CEREC can be easily adapted to specific practice requirements. CEREC MC XL Premium Package Complete spectrum of chairside and labside applications with block sizes of up to 85…
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