after sales
Posted By : Date : meditech | 08-17-2018
We remain your partner for all after sale services. We stock parts and supplies. We are also available for any troubleshooting and cater to the maintenance needs of your equipment. At Medi-Tech we pride ourselves in retaining the loyalty and satisfaction of our clients over the years. Prev Next
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SLX Self-ligating
Posted By : Date : meditech | 08-16-2018
Introducing the completely re-engineered SLX Self-Ligating Appliance System. The SLX Bracket System resets the standards for excellence and performance in passive self-ligating brackets with numerous clinician driven innovations for clinical effectiveness and efficiency. Discover the many innovative features of the SLX Bracket System – all designed to meet your ultimate goals – effective case management, optimal tooth positioning, and meticulous finishes. Tooth specific bracket widths provide exceptional rotational control Reduced slot depths for more precise tooth control External Sure-Lok™ Clip for hygienic access and reliable functionality Smooth, secure, and easy…
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Slide 04
Posted By : Date : meditech | 08-08-2018
ca clear aligner Especially for treating adults Smoothly aligns teeth
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